melbourne street art

Brick walls, balloons, and a bright and shining superstar...

Meet Olivia ... 

... She loves lasagna, she can do a mean cartwheel, has a wicked sense of humour, and she shares with me a mutual appreciation of urban street art.

Hence where this project/collaboration began...

The concept to pay homage to renowned street artist Banksy had been stewing for a while. Street art has always caught my eye ({definition}: 'flourished into a moderate obsession whilst backpacking Berlin'), and I love how it has become so ingrained into Melbourne culture. The iconic image 'Girl with the red balloon', with it's undertones of love lost, innocence and hope, was the plain and simple choice for me to play around with.

So, with concept in mind I set out to locate the 'perfect' wall as a canvas (don't you love it when you find a little gem in your local neighbourhood!) and after talking through the idea with Miss O, she jumped right into the challenge (the fact we had a few backup balloons probably helped!).

It was such a fun morning and Miss O gave it her absolute all. She even stepped up and directed a few of the shots herself! And without her insightful curiosity, we never would have discovered the incredibly colourful wall of graffitti that was on the reverse of the building! 

This gorgeous girl is anything but a wallflower. Rather, she is one bright and shining radiant SUPERSTAR! 


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