The most precious of poppets - Baby Session

It was nearly ten months ago that I had this delightful baby session. In less than a few days, this precious little poppet will be turning ONE!

Sigh. Where is the time going and why is it moving so fast?!?!


Baby G was born to two adoringly loving parents who happen to be very dear friends of mine, which of course means I have been lucky enough to watch this little one grow and develop over the past twelve months. She’s had her first teeth pop through, she’s crawling around and pulling herself up and her hair has even grown long enough for a teeny tiny top pony ❣️


People often ask what age is the best for a baby session and I give the same answer to all. ANY age is amazing. Because these little beings are going through so many different developmental stages in those first twelve months, there is always something wondrous, something beautiful and most certainly something memorable to capture. Baby G here was photographed with her gorgeous Mumma at twelve weeks, an age that usually guarantees plenty of smiles and snuggles and of course all the happenings in between.


I can’t wait to see this little poppet smash her first birthday cake this weekend!

Happiest of birthdays to you sweet girl,