The gift of personal projects

Over the past few years, I have immersed myself in growth and learning within the photographic world. During this time, I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with three stand out mentors of whom I have a huge amount of respect for and have learned a wealth of knowledge from.

Each of them very different in their teaching approaches, photographic styles and life experiences, one clear path that they have all encouraged me to follow is that of creating for my self through my own personal projects.

From the ‘Red Balloon’ series

When I first took the leap into launching a business, I had the mislead belief that I needed to only focus on the type of images that clients want in order to drive more work. While this is super important in ensuring you can deliver on jobs, it doesn’t necessarily feed a creative soul by itself and it certainly won’t stave off a fast approaching burn out if continued over a long period of time.

‘Fire’  From ‘The Five Classical Elements’


From ‘The Five Classical Elements’

So, over the past few years I have been busily conjuring up all sorts of crazy images in my head. I keep my notebook fairly close at hand for any light bulb moments at strange times (a tip I was given more recently but now religiously stick to - thankyou April!). Some of these ideas have been inspired by friends and conversations, some by films and story books and all influenced by my children and my own childhood. With the help of my extremely patient and supportive family (and yes, I mean an emboldened extremely!), so many of these images have now come to life.

‘Hero’  From L I T T L E K I D S + B I G D R E A M S


From L I T T L E K I D S + B I G D R E A M S

The practice of having an ongoing personal project (sometimes multi ongoing personal projects!!) means I can begin to see my own uncompromising style emerging, and for that gift alone, I am very grateful.

I share some of my favourites below, each for their own different reason. You can check out my full portfolio of creative portraits here …

Thanks for hanging around!