Rustic charm in the Dandenongs

It has been a rather (*cough *cough, extremely!) long time since my last post and I don't have any particularly good reason except life must have gotten on top of me for the last few months (Christmas, Birthdays and Summer holidays may have also played a part)! 

A strange six degrees of separation brought me to connect with Emma, and her genuinely welcoming crew of four. 

In talking with Emma about where she would like to have her family session photos, she totally downplayed their house in the heart of the Dandenong Ranges. 'Country/rustic/cosy' was how she described it (said in a tone as if these were undesirable?!).  To me, these are all beautiful characteristics of a home, giving it it's charm, personality and heart! I have always loved this area of outer eastern-Melbourne, noted for its lush forest surrounds and hilly vistas and I couldn't wait to take the drive out east and take in the views along the way. 


What I was met with on arrival was a sweeping timber verandah spanning their weatherboard home, stunning bay windows, and towering trees surrounding their property. I couldn't think of a more lovely place they could have chosen to raise their two exuberant little men! 

I'm not sure if it is the fresh forest air they get to breathe in every day, but Emma, Liam, Cody, Flynn, and even their perfectly behaved pooch Lenny, could not have been a more enchantingly relaxed family to spend a couple of hours photographing! 

Thankyou for opening the door to you home and letting me capture a tiny slice of your family!