Breathing in the Alpine air ...

This adventure has been a long time coming....

It was almost six months ago that I came across a post on a fellow photographers portfolio that made me stop in my tracks. She had shared a collection of photographs of beautiful mountain vistas, misty lakes and rugged rocky outcrops. I was compelled to scout down this location and plan a trip there, to explore this sanctuary with my little tribe. 

Mount Buffalo National Park, north-west of the Alpine National Park has an incredible amount of adventures to be had. 

We started our first morning bright and early, heading to the base of the 'Cathedral - Hump' walking track, just as the sun was rising.

We were keen to give the kids a go at their first 'official' hike. At aged 4 and 3, the best we had done yet was a 30 minute shoulder ride stroll through the bush!

So off we went ... A 2 kilometre well-formed track led us past the granite tor 'Cathedral' and onto the summit at 1695m for some incredible views over the neighbouring alpine region. 

I am so proud of our little explorers, patiently being dragged up rocky mountains to see the sun rise, heaved across makeshift log bridges to reach secret tranquil swimming holes, and daring to be dunked into the waters of freezing alpine falls. 

It takes a special place to burn a memory so treasured into ones heart, and this was one of those places. 

Until next time ....