Meet The Joneses

It was just under two years ago that dear friends of mine, Jemima and Will, placed their trust in me and invited me into their home to capture some portraits of their newly welcomed princess, Eugenie...

It was a first for me photographing someone else's family, and I felt incredibly blessed to be there to catch a few frames of her gorgeously beaming smile on camera. 

Fast forward almost two years and again I feel blessed to be part of yet another family milestone, this time as a guest at the wedding of Jemima and Will. 

The wedding was whole hardheartedly warm, generous, earnest and memorable (I never would expect anything different from these two amazing people) and it was a delight to be witness to their official union.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Jones for your faith, trust and encouragement in what was my (unknowingly at the time!) first gig, and the dawn of Natalie Finney Photography.  

Wishing you a life together filled with love, laughter and happily ever after. 


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