Early morning play at the park

I love getting up early (said me, never). 🤣

I’m not much of a morning go-getter (you just have to ask my family!). I’d usually choose to stay up into the dark hours of the night than rise with the chirping birds. But there is one exception. I actually do love getting up early IF it means I get to meet with a gorgeous family and explore their local parkland in the glorious glow of the early morning sun. Nothing really can beat the warm light, long shadows and glistening dewy grass that the morning brings.

And this isn’t just any park might I say. This park is ab-so-lutely gorgeous. It has it all. Expansive space for the kids to run, a lake with a team of ducks to feed, secret hideaway trees to climb and a playground or two. There’s even a cafe should you want to finish off your session with an icecream!

These guys were the best, super positive, willing to give anything a go and full of boundless energy! But besides all that, the love and warmth they all showed to each other was simply beautiful, and I am so grateful to have been invited into their world to capture just a little bit of this.

Back at home there was some more play, a few portraits in between and some fun in Dad’s uber cool 1970’s Charger!

To B, L, A and E, thank you guys for your trust.



One boy and two perfect little ladies ...

When I first received an email from this gorgeous family inquiring about a session to photograph their little boy and their soon to be baby twin girls, my heart did a little dance. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to photograph twins so needless to say, I was a just bit excited to meet these beautiful bundles of cherubic goodness!


Add to the mix their big brother, complete with dark chocolate locks and a deep soulful gaze, this family was an absolute dream to photograph!


While the two little angels slept, little mister kept mum and dad busy with a concert performance and a feast cook up in the kitchen. A quick break for a tea party then back to business with story time and an attempt at bubble streams in gusty winds! Life with a toddler hey?!

Not long after, the girls awoke and it was all hands on deck. At just over 2 months old, these two sweethearts were so adorably engaging and just such a pleasure to be around. How mum and dad manage to keep so cool, calm and collected with three under three (and not much sleep!) baffles me completely. Ace job on all counts you guys!! Thankyou for letting me into your wonderfully busy and warmhearted world for just a few hours.